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Rods and Wheels Car Show 1

Rods and Wheels Car Show 2

Rods and Wheels Car Show 3 - a couple of very old...

Rods and Wheels Car Show 4 - this older one just starting...

BRP 1 - Soco Falls just before we got on the BRP...

BRP 2 - some Rhododendron up on the Parkway

BRP 3 - a different color at a higher altitude



BRP 6 - we think this is what they call Fire Azalea


BRP 8 - more white Rhododendron


BRP 10 - can you find the bee?

BRP 11 - downtown Silva, NC

BRP 12 - the county courthouse in Silva

BRP 13 - view from one of the overlooks along the BRP

BRP 14 - some more Fire Azalea

Well, the park was finally cleaned up and the car show went off without a hitch. I took a couple of pictures of some of the cars but we are not car enthusiasts so we didn't really get up close and personal with them.

Last week we made a trip up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and drove it from just outside Cherokee to Waynesville, one of the short sections of the parkway. It does get up to over 5,000 feet so gave us a good view of the mountains and also let us see the status of the Rhododendrons. Quite a few were in bloom but definitely not all. That trip we also took a side trip through Silva, one of the main little towns in the area, and also went to Soco Falls which is not far from the RV Park and less than a mile from the Parkway entrance.

We went back up on the Parkway again yesterday just to see if the Rhodies were more in bloom but they were about the same as last week.

Other than those two excursions we haven't done much but enjoy the peacefulness of the park and get just slightly disappointed that our Lady Gators got beat by the Lady Sooners in the WCWS. They had a couple of fantastic games, especially the first game that went 17 innings before Oklahoma prevailed. If we were to get beat, we would rather it be Oklahoma than anyone else!!!

This past weekend our Gator boys team managed to win the super regional and qualify for the men's CWS which starts Saturday so guess what we will be watching for the next 10 days???

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