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Liard to Watson Lake, YT

Pretty little spring flowers

Liard river

What are those dark spots?

A couple of black bears

Two boon docking spots for overnight

Following the Liard River

Pretty wildflowers

Morning meal of dandelions

Another overnight spot above the highway

More Liard River

See the road. . . way far ahead?

Two more dark spots ahead

Here is one of them, munching away.

And the other, watching us

So many mountains

Good view for the bandits

We stopped for a break at Liard River

Laird River the other direction

Lots of butterflies on the dandelions

Hummingbird Hawk Moth loves them too

Easy to spot this ahead and slow down

They are sure grazing close to the highway

Still following along the Liard River

Welcome to Yukon, and Iron Creek

Buffalo butts

Contact Creek is where the North & South regiments met

Contact Creek Outpost

Hello there little black bear

Iron Creek

Another pair of Bison

Lovely views

Welcome to Yukon, again.

Arriving at Watson Lake

We also stayed here in 2009

RV park in on Wye Lake

Wye Lake

Historic Mural

Entrance to Sign Post Forest

So many tall posts filled with signs

People from everywhere

Our 2009 photo of our hand made sign

2009 photo, sign placed on top of the post

Now - our poor, very weathered sign

This short drive to Watson Lake netted us the most animal sightings of all. Bears and Bison stand out at quite a distance and Larry calls out “Camera!” as he starts to slow down for our Kodak moment. The animals mostly ignore us, or barely look up as we pass.

There are lots of “overnight dry camping” pull offs along this highway, and we saw a few campers on them. We did pull off on one of the rest stops to view the Liard River where bandits could watch both directions and rob the riverboats.

We arrived in Watson Lake and camped at Downtown RV which is on Wye Lake and just next to the “Signpost Forest”. We were early and got a site along the fence that actually had some shade from the line of trees behind us. We watched the line of RV’s coming in for hours after that, keeping the manager busy.

The grocery store was just across the street, and we needed a few things. This little town had the highest prices of items, so I just got the bare necessities. Then we went over to see if our home made wooden sign from 2009 was still there.

There were more rows of posts added in the last 8 years, but we did find our sign, barely recognizing it. It was simply a piece of board, carved and inked into the carving, then varnished over. The weather had all but destroyed it, taking it back to bare wood again. But if you look closely at the photo you can see “Larry” and you can see “Cooley” and “Williamson”. So at least we know it was ours.

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