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The local farmer fields

Sifting for rice

The Chill Out Bar

The black sand beach

View of the mountains from the beach

The ship wreck

Sweet lip

The biggest fish we saw


Trumpet fish

The engine room

We arrived in a place called Amed which is in the East of Bali after our long trip to Mount Ijen and Bromo. We have never slept so good, the place we are staying in is very peaceful and spotlessly clean. We decided to take a walk through the serene rice paddies where the view was simply wonderful.

Bromo is easily our favourite scenic spot of our trip so far but it has to be said Amed is the most chilled. The people are are so friendly, everyone says hello to you whether they are farmers working in the fields or other tourists.

The main reason we came to Amed was to do some scuba diving. We chose a company based on their positive reviews and were so glad that we chose them. The day didn't start out great as we seemed to have picked a rainy day much resembling that of England. To add to this, the tide was quite strong and the rain quite cold. We undertook two dives, our first being an introductory dive where we learned the hand gestures, how to breathe when your regulator becomes detached and how to remove water from your regulator and goggles. We had the opportunity to do a small dive which took us down to 8 metres deep. We saw some coral and also some smaller fish. However, because of the weather we were unable to see a great deal at this depth.

Our second dive was at the wreckage of a US cargo ship which was sunk by a Japanese submarine in WW2. We were a little nervous about this, not only because it was our second dive ever but also because our travel insurance specifically mentioned it did not cover wreck sites.

We needn't have worried. Our master diver took great care of us as we swam down to 12 metres this time. This allowed us greater visibility and it was wonderful to see the sea reclaiming the wreck with coral growing from its rusting remains. We also saw numerous fish including Parrotfish, Stingrays, Cuttlefish scurrying along the ocean bed, Trumpet fish, and our course we were lucky to see some little Nemos swimming near the anemone. Swimming here felt magical and felt like we were becoming part of their beautiful world. During the dive we were also able to swim into the ship's engine room where we saw a whole host of other fish. Fortunately for us, there were no sharks around today.

Today's diving has given us both a great thirst to do it again soon, so it's fortunate that we are going to be near the Great Barrier Reef in just a weeks time.

We finished our day chilling out at a beach bar (aptly named the Chill Out bar) where we had a beer and watched the day draw to a close.

We have attached some pictures of the wreck and the fish, they are not our photos but hopefully gives an idea of our dive today.

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