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Day 24 - Sun 11 Jun 17

The view of the golf course from our balcony as the sun rose was lovey, especially as the temperature was comfortable and the air very still.

We did not have breakfast at the hotel but drove into town for a bun and coffee. We were not successful with the coffee in Cap d'Agde or at Macca's in Agde and continued our drive to today's objective the Millau Viaduct.

The 120 km drive was impressive especially passing through the Pyrenees to the high ground at 800m. The surround mountains were rocky, steep and well wooded. We crossed the viaduct about 1030hrs and stopped at the visitors centre and viewed the presentation on the bridges construction. It was completed in 2004 after three years of construction; a significant achievement for such a magnificent architectural and engineering feat We walked to the observation deck to photograph before driving to Millau. The trip was well worth the deviation and a break from "old rocks".

Once again we were caught by a toll where our debit card did not work; thankfully the toll operator spoke reasonable english and was able to assist. We had to use our credit card to pay the 8€.

Millau looked nice and the Sunday lunch crowd was building. Parking was not easily found but we eventually found a rabbit hole to park. We walked a short distance to the Place Marcel Foch where we found the restaurant Cote Marche and ordered the three course formula. We both had the terrine, mussels and a sweet. The setting was lovely and the service by our english speaking waiter was very good. We were seated alongside a French couple from Seta who attempted to make conversation. They were very pleasant and we were able to achieve some understanding.

We departed Millau just after 2pm for our accomodation at Luzencon and arrived before 2.30pm. I had not checked the B&B's opening hours and assumed they were the standard time of 2pm. When at 3pm our hosts had not unlocked the entry gate I suspected it might be any time after 4pm. While we waited, I walked the small hill where the B&B is located and noted the quirky layout for what appeared to be a small village spread randomly over the hill. An advantage of this location and one that decided our stay was it's reported view of the Viaduct; it certainly is good.

The day was warm so we drove to St Rome de Tarn and awaited in the Gorge by the river. It appeared very popular with the locals who were swimming and boating in it; I can't say it was the most impressive swimming hole but nor was Fisherman's Wharf where I swam as a kid and thought it was the best. We returned at 4:15 pm where upon I found the booking confirmation showing opening time of 5pm. I accepted it was my fault but knew the owners were aware of our waiting; at 5.05pm l had to blow the horn to get their attention; we were polite and for once thankful we could not speak French.

We retired early for the night satisfied our lunch was such that we did not need dinner. It was probably the most disjointed/disrupted day of our trip, however we were more than happy with our drive to Millau, viewing the Viaduct and our lunch in the square with our new french friends.

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