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Street view from our hotel room




Our last two nights in Nepal were spent at the Kathmandu Eco Hotel, a bit of luxury in the middle of Thamel. Costing 35000 rupee including breakfast per night. Our room `Mandala` included prayer wheels, ornately hand painted walls and ceiling, parquetry floor, A/C and a bath tub with a shower with hot water. One night we ate ate the Yak restaurant and again had Tibetan hot millet beer but it wasn`t as good as the beer in Pokhara.

On our last day we visited the Swayambhunath stupa, or monkey temple. This is a large complex sited on the top of a hill and can be seen from anywhere in the city. Thankfully there weren`t many monkeys. The iconic whitewashed stupa is one of Nepal's most sacred Buddhist shrines. There were many pilgrims wandering amongst the shrines and spinning prayer wheels. There was much smoke in the air from the incense and rancid smelling butter lamps, lit for the deities at each separate shrine.

A few people asked to take our photo, possibly because we looked very different to them.

Our flight wasn`t until 11:15 PM and the hotel kindly allowed us to rest and freshen up in one of their basic rooms. The drive to the airport was 700 rupee in the hotel shuttle bus.

Interestingly, whilst in Thamel, Grae was often asked if he wanted to buy hashish or marijuana. Maybe due to his long hair or just because we are westerners.

Clearing security was easy as there was no checks for liquids, although Dan did get patted down three separate times. The flight to Guangzhou took 4 hours 15 and by the time the food trolley got to us there was only one chicken left and everything else was vegetarian. despite serving wine by the teaspoonful they still managed to run out.

We were very tired by the time we got to Guangzhou as there wasn`t enough time to actually sleep. we waited 2 and half hours for our next flight to Osaka. this leg took 3 hours 15 and the service was much better.

Once we cleared immigration we were asked how much gold we were wearing as incoming gold is taxed but our personal jewellery was OK.

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