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Our flighht

Waiting in Lagos

The flight was pretty uneventful but we got into Amsterdam over two hours late – then we got tied up in getting off the plane. Then we couldn’t find the gate on the monitor, and when we did I took off and Kitty and Jan walked to follow up. I got to the gate just as they had detached the walkway so we missed the flight.

Off to reschedule and the clerk was very nice and got us a flight to Lagos then Johannesburg. Sounded good so I called the tour agency and told them of our changed plans.

We got on a KLM to Lagos and all seemed well – only a few minutes late. But then the issue of transfer came up and we were told to go through customs first. So we waited in line and when we got to the agent he said we weren’t supposed to be there and he handed us off to a clerk ti take us through. No one knew about luggage so Jan looked for a while then Kitty but couldn’t find it so the agent said it would pass through.

Then we were handed off to another agent to take us to our flight – he went one way and it was locked so we went back through customs the opposite way, then through security, then into the terminal and up a spiral stairway to get another guy then back down right away, then back to check in to get new tickets then back through security again (I gave them each a dollar) then off to the plane. About two hours of run around – the flight leaving on time at about 10::00.

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