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Hello Dear Friends. I promised to keep all of you in the loop in the hopes that it might help encourage someone else who might be going through the same battle, either now or in the future. First of all, we believe with all of our being that Prayer works. We have been blessed with the prayers of so many people. We feel humbled as well. How do you thank those good friends? We simply pray that God will bless them and their families.

Today we met with the Doctor. He revealed that the bone scan showed no evidence that the prostate cancer has spread to the bone. Marilyn joked that it seemed funny to be relieved that I only had prostate cancer. LOL

The doctor suggested that we begin the treatment today with a hormone shot which should reduce the size of the prostate and lower the PSA number. The hormone works by reducing the production of testosterone which feeds the cancer. Blood tests prior to each of the hormone shots will reveal the success or failure of this therapy.

I also now have an appointment next Tuesday with another doctor who will set up the schedule for radiation treatments.

Marilyn & I had to make several difficult decisions today. The one which pained us the most was to cancel our summer in Colorado. It is more important that we treat and seek remission of the cancer which threatens our future.

At this time we are hoping that our plans to spend the winter at Retama Village in Mission, Texas, will continue to be on our agenda.

Now, I should reveal that the doctor also discussed some of the side effects of the treatments. Marilyn was tickled when the doctor suggested that “Hot Flashes” might be one of the side effects of the hormone shots. Bone density could be an issue and I will take Vitamin D and Calcium supplements. I will know more about this issue as time goes on.

I am meeting with another doctor next week and I hope he will tell me more of the effects relating to the radiation treatments.

So here we are, with good news (Bone scan shows no spread of the cancer) and the bad news (Treatment side effects and travel plans changing).

No matter, because we know that we are on the journey and Life is Good!

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