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View from our apartment - see our Ford Focus station wagon on...

Sunset by the sea organ

Zadar at night

Several old water wells


For sale!

Cafes along the water in Tribunj

Vodice - just south of Tribunj - the use the concrete slabs...


Further down the coast on our drive

After leaving Plitvice Lakes we drive to Zadar which is on the coast. We had a lovely apartment right in the center near the water with terrific views. We went down to the water for sunset which is a community event. The interesting part was the "sea organ" which are the organ sounds made by the wakes lapping up against the sea wall. It was like nothing I've ever heard. We walked around and and settled on a restaurant called Cazonon. An outdoor restaurant we quickly realized it was very similar in name and accessories as the little Italian place we ate at in Zagreb. So we inquired and sure enough, same restaurant. There are only two so not a chain. But what were the chances? We wandered around and enjoyed the night air. Hayley and matt slept forever and I had to wake them around 10 or so in the morning because I was hangry and we decided on lunch since breakfast time had passed. We wandered some more and then packed the car and started down the coast. We found some terrific little towns on the coast the first and my favorite being Tribunj. Right on the water, not many people and the wind blowing through our hair carelessly. It seems that the real tourist season here doesn't start until July 1st. I identified some property I hought I'd like to rehab and we headed back down the coast making several stops along the way for walks and photos. By the way, we were on our way to Split. This is the Dalmatian coast. The photos tell more of the story.

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