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The entrance to Tenganang Village

Weaving in the home

Their version of a merry-go-round

June 06/06 Tuesday

Apologies to all, but I've confused some pics with wrong days in my entries-񟘤񟘩duh!!!

Pick up at 0800 & we're in fora long day as the last place we visit will be Tanah Lot to vie what I supposed to be a spectacular sunset over the ocean.

About a 2 hour drive & we arrived at Tenganang Village,a village of Bali Aga people, the descendants of the original Balinese. The village is surrounded by a wall, & consists basically of 2 rows of identical houses stretching up the gentle slope of the hill. Conservative people resistant to change, being much more traditional than other villagers. Yet hidden away in traditional houses they do have some modern conveniences, TVs being one example! Their main craft is textiles & weaving & many of the homes are set up as shops& sell the wares that they themselves produce.

Michael & I were given 2 of their fighting cocks to hold ,& they were very at ease with being held. Their owner tried to make them fight, but they weren't in the mood!

We next visited Pura Goa Lawah, near Kusamba. The cave in the cliff is packed,crammed& jammed full of bats. There is a distinctly batty stench emanating from the cave𯘖& the roofs of the templ shrines, which are in front of the cave,are liberally coveted wth bat droppings.

Our final stop for the day was Tanah Lot,a sea temple situated on a rock in the Indian Ocean. When the tide is out you can walk across to Tanah Lot. People come here o see the beautiful sunsets as the sun sinks behind the rock. Of course the day we were there, cloud cover rolled in about 30 minutes before the estimated sunset time!- theme the breaks . But we had a wonderful day visiting sites, meeting some locals & enjoying some truly beautiful countryside.

As has become our habit, we went for a walk around the streets later in the night. When doing nocturnal walks you must be on the alert for big holes in the pavement,& open drains alongside sometimes. And even when you are walking on the sidewalk you have to be ever alert for the motorbikes- to skirt around cars, they will quite often drive on the footpath!

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