2017 Western Spring Fling travel blog

VW bug camper on a pole in Tillamook

WWII era US Navy blimp hangar, largest clear-span wooden structure in the...

Scenes along US 101

This guy was staggering around the parking lot

The police arrived and blocked me in until they were done

I guess nothing was wrong so they released the guy to continue...

Winnie at Lincoln City Premier RV Resort site 92

View from Mo's Seafood Restaurant, World Famous Clam Chowder

Driftwood on the beach of Siletz Bay

Digging for clams in the bay

Sea lions on the sand beach across from Mo's

Mini-sea stacks at the mouth of the Siletz River

Some wild flowers along the beach

Flowers decorating the light posts in Lincoln City

Sail boarding off Lincoln City #1

Sail boarding off Lincoln City #2

Sail boarding off Lincoln City #3

We left Tillamook for Lincoln City, OR today. We have to pick up a couple of prescriptions for Sue from Rite Aid. I made reservations last week for a couple of days in case the prescriptions weren't ready by the time we got there. They were. While waiting in the parking lot with Winnie for Sue to pick up the prescriptions, I was watching a strange man with a dog stagger around the parking lot. He was wearing a pair of ski goggles with yellow lenses. There was another RV in front of me and he kept disappearing behind the RV near the doors. As I was watching him, a Lincoln City police car pulled up next to the RV and i could see he was talking to the guy. Before long, another police car pulled up and I could see that the first policeman had handcuffed the guy. The second officer picked up the dog's leash. They sat the guy on the bumper of the first car and appeared to be talking on their radios. Eventually, they took off the cuffs and let the guy go. He continued to stagger around the parking lot, showing up with a cigarette and a Coke. While all this was going on I called Sue and told her to stay in the store until the activity was over. The guy looked like one of the many homeless people wandering the shopping centers, sitting on busy street corners, and other places in both Washington and Oregon. I have to wonder if it's coincidental that both of these states have legalized recreational use of pot.

After we got the prescription, we drove down the road a short distance to the Lincoln City Premier RV Resort. It's a really nice park located across the street from the ocean. We're in site 92 and can just see the ocean from our location. Lincoln City is like a typical California seaside town. Vacation and year-round houses built on the cliff-side overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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