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Yes, it's real!

Close & personal with a Balinese Black Python- Butterfly park

Michael bottle feeding monkeys-they love water bottles



I'm off to market with my fighting cocks!!

Our 'fighting" cocks -Teganunnun village

Bat cave -

Tanah Lot-a sea temple on rock in Indian Ocean

June 05,,2015

First port of call was a batik making workshop at Ubud. We were walked through the full process of printing- very time consuming & intricate work. There was only a small area devoted to the actual batik making process,compared to massive area for the retailing side of it𿘉

Next we drove to Kemenuh Butterfly Park, a beautiful drive through narrow streets,with greenery was an absolutely incredible sight inside the enclosure, so many butterflies of varying colour & size-& actually flying into us & a couple even landed on you! In an inner area they displayed the cocoons hanging waiting to hatch & then they were kept in her for 2 days before they are released into the outer enclosure. It takes this time for them to develop to the stage of flying.

The breeding process is an ongoing thing as the butterflies live for only 3 days to a couple weeks! Without the breeding there would soon be no butterflies in the Butterfly Park 񏘔

The next place we vivited was Goa Gajah ( elephant cave), which is carved into a rock face. In the courtyard in front of the cave are 2 square bathing pools with water trickling into them from waterspouts held by 6 female figures. From the cave we clambered down through old rice paddies to Sungai Petanu, where there are rock carvings & a smaller cave.

But the most interesting experience at this site was when a snake trainer passed his Balinese Python over to me- he wrapped the snake around me & then made me actually hold it near it's head & it's body 𯘳 Silly me, when we arrived at the cave & saw this man our driver/guide suggested that I hold the snake & for the life of me I don't know why, but I agreed 𯘳Duh!!!

Pura Tirta Empul was next & it's situated next to some natural springs. The springs bubble up into a large, crystal clear tank within the temple & gush out through waterspouts into a bathing pool. Everywhere is so lush & green & the forests are dense, even up to the roadside.

Our final official stop got the day was the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary- a cool & dense swathe of jungle officially called Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana ( that's a mouthful ) The sanctuary is inhabited by a band of grey-haired & greedy long-tailed Balinese macaques who are nothing like the innocent looking doe-eyed monkeys on the brochures! They are always vigilant for passing tourists who might have ripe bananas or peanuts available for a quick handout. Believe me, they will help themselves to anything that catches their fancy - including a scrap of tissue inadvertently hanging out of a shoulder bag. One of them jumped onto my bag to pull at small piece of tissue & when I tried to swipe it away, the little horror sunk it's teeth ( felt more like fangs) into my finger & wouldn't let go. When I flicked my hand to shake the monkey off, it held on for grim death & anyone looking would have seen this mad woman shaking her hand with a monkey latched on to it & swinging in the air𯘳𯘤 Somehow I managed to get rid of it, but be blowed if I know how. It left 2 big holes in my finger which wouldn't stop bleeding, even when wrapped in tissues. An attendant at the park sent us to First Aid where they treated it , they were great. And they made it clear to us that their park & monkeys were clean & there was no rabies- that was a relief!

We then returned to the park & took some fabulous pics of the monkeys & their antics- they really are cute, as long as they keep their distance from me𯑍

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