Sancerre French Immersion 2017 travel blog

Hotel Molitor Lobby

My first view of the pool

It was never more crowded than this when I was swimming in...

My room

Molitor Roof top bar and restaurant

View from my room of the pool at night

One of my outdoor pool friends and I, whenever we have been at the pool and not wanting to get in because it is cold, windy, rainy or whatever, we always look at each other and say, "But the Swimming Gods want us to swim." And with that we always get in.

Well, the Swimming Gods could not have picked a better place to send me swimming! This place in mind-blowing! I had high expectations before coming here, based on the website photos and history of the place. But photos don't do it justice! You just have to see this place to believe it!

I had an absolutely marvelous, long stretched-out swim in an almost empty pool. Being my first outdoor swim of the season in a really big pool, i swam like a fish who had just escaped the aquarium. I'm not a fast swimmer but instead totally zen. I am off in another place as soon as I get going. And what a pool this is for that kind of experience! I felt exceptionally good, too, because I managed to keep swimming while in Sancerre. None of that awkwardness of getting into the water again after being off for a while. it was heaven. A perfect ending to this trip. And good news, pool is open at 7AM--so I will get a morning swim in before heading to the airport.

Tonight I plan to dine rooftop, with a distant view of the Eiffel Tower. This hotel is really quite a distance from the center of Paris. I really don't know what else is out here, or really care. Being by and in the pool has been all I needed today.

So tomorrow I leave; back to the States. I am ready for that. I am looking forward to eating some American food! I have eaten very well here, as I have shared, and really not so differently from how I eat at home (though certainly less cheese). But a good American salad sounds amazing! We put so much more crunch and flavor into ours! In fact, overall, I am surprised at the sparcity of vegetables served, though that could be seasonal.

And I am also looking forward to not being puzzled every time (maybe not every time) that I have to figure out how to make something work! There is no standardization to things here, or at least that I find apparent, and I am not sold on some of the engineering approaches. But so many times I have been standing there thinking, "Ok, you are certainly smart enough to figure out how to pump gas, turn on light switches, buy a subway ticket, etc, etc." Or, even, on the highway, how to get facilities to flush. Turns out you had to unlock the compartment, and then it automatically flushed. I shared that with a fellow traveler, equally confused, once I had figured it out.

Pictures will follow once I am home. I have many to share. I am glad you have all enjoyed what I have shared (and I am not done yet!) and have also really enjoyed hearing from so many of you.

I am hoping for uneventful travels tomorrow, unlike my trip over. My dog is going to be so happy to see me! I know he has been well cared for while I have been away (so many thanks to Kayla who did almost all of that job). And I am looking forward to giving him a good long, and well deserved, walk.

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