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Some sort of ceremony being held on the beach??

This is the cheaper of the shopping malls

Motor bikes lined up at Seminyak beach

June 04,2017 Sunday

Early morning walk to the beach & then had a lovely, relaxed stroll letting the waves break gently over our feet-we did think to remove our footwear But while our attention was on taking photos, a couple of larger waves came in & drenched us mid thigh! That's what you get for not paying attention 񏘊 It was great to see quite a few dogs on the beach,with their owners of course- the dogs were obviously enjoying themselves too񏐾񏐾

After the beach we again caught a local bus to some shopping malls,one being a DFS. Well it certainly isn't like any DFS back home! It was full of very upmarket shops,galleries-even with their 40-50% off, prices were still not cheap by any means. Guess what? We didn't stay there long, just enough for a looksie. We did go to another mall down the road from DFS & their prices were much better. Even got Michael to buy some clothes, & that's not easy.

Lunch was bought from a street stall again, our favourite way to eat when in Asia. Satay sticks, a few pieces each of beef & chicken, large serving of rice & soup , all by 2 - & it cost a whole $3 ,wow!!

This arvo we left the hotel & took a right, & from then on just turned haphazardly at corners & ended up down alleys, private properties,the beach at one point...a great way to see a new place. Also great way to meet & chat with the locals, who also enjoy these meets! And to to it off , we had a Balinese massage with aromatherapy 𯑍𯑍𯑍𯑍𯑍灊

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