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Steep street tot the port of Dinan, I.e. The river

Two bridges with the modern viaduct blending in well with the choice...

17th C courtyard in St Malo

Sun shining on very friendly gull

Modern altar in St Malo cathedral with each corner representing an evangelist

Drain cover showing the Bretagne winged ermine plus two bull mastiffs..

Have added a couple of photos from Dinan which is said to have one of the best preserved old town centres in Brittany. Certainly all the buildings on our steep walk to the river were in good condition. This morning we travelled on to St Malo a town badly bombed by the allies and not eventually freed until 1945. Some will recognise this as the town in the book "All the light we cannot see".St Malo has a large port and as in all the coastal inlets large numbers of yachts of all sizes moored or out at sea enjoying the sunny warm weather.

St Malo has a claim to fame as it was a port from which the corsairs operated. Briefly, corsairs were like legal pirates, I.e. They could operate providing they carried their letter of authority which allowed them to attack and take goods from ships of another nation in return for a commission on the goods taken. These good were stored in warehouses and the town employed 24 mastiffs to enforce the 10pm curfew and ensure no looting of the booty. So identified with St Malo are the mastiffs that two appear, along with the winged ermine, on the drain covers.

We were told by our lovely guide Cecile, whom we'd already met in Mt St Michel , of a corsair verbally jousting with an English captain who said " you fight for money we fight for honour" to which the corsair is said to have repiied "We both fight for what we do not have".

We enjoyed strolling the ramparts in the sun watching the beach and the off shore islands, accessible at low tide but cut off by the incoming tide. The very busy town was hosting a literary festival today and there was some other activity which had brought many day trippers form Jersey as we discovered once we boarded the big ferry to bring us to Jersey and our very smart hotel on a hill overlooking the town.

Once again if you are trying to contact me I can receive email but will have to use this site to contact you; probably won't be able to send email until England.

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