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Prior to the Barong/Kris dance

With our hostess at the Barong Kris cultural dance exhibition

Colourful characters in the dance

Entrance to Batuan temple. They cover the lower half of the statues...

Teganungan waterfalls

Civets- an integral part of the most expensive coffee in the world

We were given 7 tea samples & 7 coffee samples to taste...

Rice terraces


June 3, 2017, Saturday

First full day with private car & driver:

Picked up after breakfast & first went to see a local cultural dance group at Batubulan- the Barong & Kris Dance, which basically represents an eternal fight between good & evil. Very colourful & quite funny at times.

Next on on itinerary was Gunung Temple at Tampaksiring ( I'm noting down all these names & places for me to look back on later , when I will have forgotten everything 𿘊)I'm always amazed at the beautiful & intricate architecture, & it's wonderful to see these structures being conserved, they're irreplaceable. When you visit temples in Bali, they always supply you with a sarong, males & females- even when men have jeans on! One sees some really attractive looks when a sarong is put over what a person is already wearing𿘉

We called in at an art gallery & saw some wonderful pieces done by a variety of painters. We were very impressed by the displays, which went from room to room to room.... I saw one that I liked as soon as I saw it, & we bought it, as Michael liked it also. One of those moments when you see something & know that you really want it! Following on from here, we stopped off at a waterfall in Teganungan village, where many people were swimming at the base of the fall.

A buffet lunch was enjoyed at a restaurant at Kintamani,a mountain overlooking the panorama of Mt Batur, a volcano with a crater lake. We ate our meal at an outdoor seating arrangement where everybody gets to appreciate the spectacular view, & take photos at the same time - not very good social etiquette I suppose, but we all did it 𿑍One in , all in灊

An interesting place we also visited was a coffee plantation, which produces an extremely unusual & expensive coffee .This particular coffee is derived from coffee beans that have been eating by civet cats. The civet eats the pulpy flesh of the berries which then pass through it's intestines & then later defeated-still keeping their shape! The beans are then gathered, thoroughly washed, sun dried,lightly roasted & then crushed. After brewing, these beans yield an aromatic coffee with much less bitterness than other coffees. It is noted as the most expensive coffee in the world!

We've seen a lot of dogs over here, but they all tend to have the habit of running on the roads & assuming that cars will always give way to them 𿘱 Funnily enough, that seems to be the case. Our driver/guide told us that most families do have at least one dog 𿐾𿐾𿘊

It's been a long day today, left hotel at 8:30 & returned about 6pm.But it was a great day & we had a fantastic driver,Wayun. He told us that the 1st born son in every family is traditionally named Wayun. They also have traditional names for the 2nd, 3rd , & 4 th sons . The 4th son being called Ketut, as in Rhonda & Ketut 𿘉

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