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Au revoir to Peter, Aleisha, Liz, Dawn, and Zeb. I hope to...

The Sancerre Rose we shared together (and not for the first time)....

Well, maybe not really.

What a tumult of emotions. It's time to go (at least in the AM). I am ready for that, and I am not. I had an awesome night with my new friends; Peter, Zeb, Dawn, Liz, Aleisha. Other than Liz, who I will drive back to Paris with tomorrow; I have said my good-byes. That started a week ago, with Cynthia. So hard to say good-bye to Peter! We have had so much fun as classmates. But I know I will see him and Zeb again. They are so much fun!

And it is also time. Time to go back to my own life. Looking forward to seeing my kids and my dog and grand-dog (and Ollie, the rabbit). Ready to get back into my regular routine, and see all my friends, share stories, and do other things. Ready to be back at French class and working with Jacques; ready to incorporate what I have learned into that. Ready for the CAP craziness. Ready for swimming, ballet, all my other interests.

But I will miss this, and not just a little. As I said yesterday, I am not yet ready for reflections. Need time to think that through. Right now I have too many conflicting emotions. I have to let that settle.

When I decided to do this (about 15 months ago), it was to learn French. That has not changed, but I also hadn't a clue how much more I was signing up for. I never for a moment thought about who I would meet, and how they might influence me. Or that I would care about them.

But that is where I am now. I would not have given up a minute of this for anything. But I am also ready to go. Life beckons.

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