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Part of a calvary

The glory beam in one of the churches

Baroque pulpit

A simpler calvary

St Yvette/Yvo patron Saint of lawyers

Some quick notes as I wasn't able to send yesterday.

Visited three Bretagne churches. Which are quite different but have in common a close proximity, a sense of the Baroque in the interior, a baptistery within the church, and a Calvery outside.

Both the calveries and the the inside of the church are directed at teaching. The calveries have the scenes of the Passion with the figures in granite, while inside the paintings especially around the side altars show scenes from both the new and old testaments, Adam and Eve always featuring in some way. In addition two of the churches had life size scenes of the laying in the tomb of Christ. Two of the churches also featured charnel house or ossuaries attached

We visited two Guimiliau and Lampaul-Guimiliau before lunch at a traditional creperie where we enjoyed the buckwheat pancakes once more and then a third church before the drive to Treguier where ther was time before dinner for a walk seeing many groups playing boulle on the gravel area alongside the river which is opposite our hotel. Up the hill then to the Cathedral where the sepulchre of St Yvette/Yvo is featured along with his skull.

He is the patron saint of lawyers because as an advocate he was known for his advocacy for the poor and we were told the story of an early case when he defended a widow who had been tricked by two travellers to her inn.

In the Botanic park adjoining our hotel was another calvery built in 1904 in protest at the 1903 erection of a statue to the writer and philosopher Ernest Reman which was erected in the square adjacent to the cathedral, an area from which sermons were once preached.

Dinner at a small restaurant as a farewell to Anne Marie who returns to Australia tomorrow.

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