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A view from the vineyard

Sancerre from the vineyard

Jorris and Elizabeth, Liz, Sadia, Aleisha, me, Dawn at the pique-nique

A line of trees in the distance. Jorris and two of his...

I have time for a quick entry as class is now finished and I have a little time before our last outing this evening; a "pique-nique"in a vineyard. Then tomorrow I am leave for Paris, so I may not have time for another journal entry for a bit.

What a fun last class! As usual, we started with pronunciation, this time words that end with -able, -ible, and a few other similar endings. We had a list of about 30 words to pronounce and then a few sentences. When we got to -ouble , we had two words two practice, "double and trouble." Peter immediately launches into "Je suis trouble double, mais je suis adorable!" And from them combined another three or four -ble words into sentence. It was so hysterically funny that Laura and I were both almost in tears form laughing. But that was not the end of the fun. After doing our grammar, we played that game where everyone is a famous person and you have to ask questions that are answered by yes or no, until you can finally guess who you are. The first round was easy--Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth and Napolean. Second round was much more obscure! I was Zorro. But we had other tough ones--Woody Allen, Robin Hood, Leonardo da Vinci. And with some one like Peter, you get a lot of entertainment along the way with the yes/no questions.

It was very sad for me to walk out of that class! I have had both so, so much fun and learned just as much. And since hitting a wall on Wednesday, these last two days I have felt much more confident than before. But I guess that is typical of the way it works. Two steps forward, one back. I just have to keep at it.

It's going to be a bittersweet evening saying good-bye to so many of the people I have met in the last two weeks. Some are staying on; I am a bit envious but at the same time ready to be home. And I really do hope to return. It has simply been way too rewarding to not to do that.

More later, though as noted, it may be a little while. Off to the pique-nique!

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