2017 Western Spring Fling travel blog

Hi from the Hoh Rain Forest

Hoh River drains the glaciers up in the mountain valleys

Trail through the rain forest near the Visitors Center

Ferns cover the floor

Moss drapes over the limbs of the trees

Fallen live tree formed an arch over the trail

What you see when you look down

Fern nestled in the dead tree roots

Today I drove the 60 or so miles to the Hoh Rain Forest. Sue stayed in Winnie again as she is not feeling much better. I’m just hoping I don’t get what she brought back. So far so good.

Hoh is part of the Pacific temperate rain forest that lies along the western side of the Pacific Coast mountain ranges that stretche from the Prince William Sound in Alaska to Northern California. It is one of three temperate rain forest regions in the world. Rainfall on this side of the Olympic Peninsula can reach 200 in a year. It’s usually wet in the spring, but we’ve hit a dry spell as we haven’t had any rain.

My first stop was the Visitor’s Center to get my National Parks Passport stamped. After the Visitors Center, I headed out onto a couple of the short trails that follow a loop back to where I started. The Hall of Mosses Trail was about a mile long as it wind through the giant conifers. Huge spruce, hemlock, cedar, and Douglas firs are covered with moss that kind of drips off toward the ground. The forest floor is covered with ferns, some wildflowers, and fallen trees that have become moss covered. Some of the fallen trees serve as “nurse logs” for newly sprouted trees.

I got my fill of photography so I headed back to Forks to do the laundry on the way home. Forks, as some of you may know, is the site of the stories in the Twilight series of books and movies. I had never heard of Twilight, but there appears to be a big cult following. Every September the have a “Twilight Festival” in Forks. They offer “Twilight” Tours around town to the sites mentioned in the books. I don’t think we’ll be waiting around.

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