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California State Capitol





After navigating the Sierra Nevadas (which still had a lot if snow), we arrived at the SAC - West RV Park in Sacramento CA on 5/14. Chris had scheduled an appointment for 5/17 in Chico, CA to have an auxilary fuel tank added to our truck so that we can go longer distances between fuel stops (especially in Alaska).

Before the appointment we enjoyed visiting with Pat's Aunt Mary Louise (her dad's brother's wife) and cousins Bill & Elaine and their daughter Debbie's family in Sacramento. We had a chance to do a little sightseeing in Sacramento, the state's capitol. The grounds of the capitol are a beautiful arboretum, with trees and plants native to the area. We spent a little bit of time in the capitol which was buzzing with advocates and state legislators.

All went well with the appointment in Chico, so we left Sacramento and headed south to the San Jose area to visit Pat's Aunt Yolanda (her mom's sister) and cousins MaryAnge, JoAnn, Marigrace, Roger and some of their spouses.

We were wined and dined by both families and had a wonderful time catching up with family news. We heard lots of great stories about Pat's mom and dad from the "old days". It was so worth the trek across country to reconnect with everyone.

California has beautiful geography and is so different from south to north. The heavy traffic in the populated areas can be tough but the scenery is worth the effort.

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