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Our granddaughter Lauren stayed overnight with us last night. She is a joy and we were delighted by her antics all day today.

After breakfast I took the truck to the Ford Dealer for the 97,500 mile check with oil change, etc. As soon as I returned home, I was joined for a lunch of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and onions, by Lauren who surprised us by really liking this dish.

She then asked if she could go along when I took the car in for its oil change in the afternoon. Sure!

As we waited at the dealership, I taught her some basics about how to read a map. She is going into the second grade next fall but is very smart. She identified any state that I asked her to show me on the USA map, and I suddenly blurted out a question I assumed she might have no idea about. “How many senses does a human being have”? “Five”, she answered, and then proceeded to name the five senses. Well, all righty then!

Back at the RV we loaded her stuff into the car and took our little wizard home. We had time to visit with our daughter for a while and then loaded the baseball equipment, lawn chairs, and the four of us into the car and headed off to Lauren’s baseball game.

Once the game was over, Marilyn & I drove home to relax and watch the finale of “The Amazing Race”.

Well, I will have the bone scan tomorrow and then have an appointment with the doctor to hear the results next Wednesday, the 7th.

I am humbled by all of the people who have contacted us with prayer, offers of help or advice, phone calls, text messages, and emails filled with love and concern for my welfare. I don’t have the words to adequately express the gratitude we feel. All I can say is a very humble Thank You to all of you.

I also pray for you dear friends, and ask God to bless you as you have blessed us. There is no doubt about it, that you are all the reason we can say, in the midst of the storm, that Life is Good!

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