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It was nearly midnight last night when I finally put down the book I was reading and fell to sleep for the night.

Marilyn & I were up by 7:00 sharing our morning coffee and talking about our day. I had a tour scheduled for the Mark Twain Cave and Marilyn had an appointment to get her hair trimmed, so both of us went into the “busy” mode to get things done around the RV.

My phone rang and it was our granddaughter, Lauren, asking if she could stay overnight with us. “Of Course” was the only acceptable answer to that question.

About the time I finished leading a tour and arrived back at the RV, Jennifer and the Grandkids arrived and were gathering sticks and twigs to get a fire started. I was in time to provide a fire starter and lighter for the campfire.

I am famous for starting a “smoke” rather than a fire but I did teach my grandson the art of building a fine campfire. No he builds real campfires while I continue to build “smoke”. (After all, I have a reputation to uphold.)

We cooked hotdogs and then roasted marshmallows over the fire and had a fine time together.

Jennifer and Lauren left to drive into town to have their fingernails done while Marilyn sat outdoors with Colby teaching him the fine art of “Mexican Train”.

Now, to bring you all up to date on the medical issues, it appears that the next item on my agenda is to get a bone scan. The hospital is getting authorization from my insurance company and then we’ll get the scan scheduled.

Once the scan is complete we will know if the cancer has spread and what sort of treatment is recommended. I will keep you in the loop.

We have received so many messages, emails, and phone calls, with people expressing good wishes and offering prayers for us, that it is very humbling.

I think that when you hear the word “Cancer” from your doctor, there is a brief time of shock, sort of a numbness, which comes over you. It takes a bit of time to process things and then you begin to realize that this is not necessarily a death sentence, but rather another one of those “Growing older” bumps in the road that we simply have to deal with.

We’ve all heard that growing old isn’t for sissies and it is true. However, thanks to the good people in our lives who go through the same or similar experiences, and share their blessings with us when it is our turn, we can say with confidence that Life is Good!

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