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Starting high up in the gorge.

Big wedgy :)

Great variety of pathways and hidden trails.

Clear, clear sparkling river.

Several footbridge crossings.

Is this real?


The water is like crystal.


Annie's "frika to go". Hot, heavy and absolutely delicious!

Heading out on a lovely little cruise on the Soci river.

Another stunning day, what a way to "relak on deck" (!)

Under the bridge, now heading into the village side of the river...

Soci river opening up us we near the dam wall.

The hydro operations, old and new.

Walking back along the Soci to home.

Annie wanted to tackle a mountain climb to a look-out she was told about while Bob was determined to get to Tolmin Gorge, Tolmin Museum and the German Ossuary. There were also plans to go on an afternoon river cruise. The compromise was that we did the gorge together then Annie returned to the penzion for some relaxation and the cruise. Bob took a little longer in the gorge before walking back to Tolmin for lunch.

Meanwhile, Annie had left the gorge and on her way out noticed a blackboard sign near the entrance advertising a local delicacy she'd heard about, "frika" being served at the gorge cafe. Not having seen it anywhere else, the idea of a nice little crispy fried potato and cheese morsel to munch on her 2km walk back into Tolmin was too good to refuse. She tracked down the waitress and asked for 'one frika to go please'. After some confusing conversation between the two of them, the somewhat surprised waitress agreed to the order and went off to consult the kitchen. Annie waited for the frika, anxiously watching the time to make sure she could make it to the bus. After nearly 15 minutes out came the smiling waitress, with a recycled box the size of a small suitcase containing a foil-wrapped steaming monster weighing at least a kilo. "Here is frika, and she is PERFECTO!. She is for two people, you know?". Um,no, she didn't know. It was a slow walk back to Tolmin and a pretty good solo attempt on the frika. Suffered a few burnt fingers but thoroughly enjoyed it and made the bus by 5 minutes.

Bob had at some stage finished the gorge and set off on his quest for the Ossuary. A sign in the main street pointed him in the right direction but after 20 minutes without another sign he found himself in the forest and the only thing he had discovered was the water treatment works so he reversed course and headed for the museum. There was an interesting exhibit on religious art that occupied him until it was almost time to go for the bus to get back for the river cruise. A question about the Ossuary, which he knew was part of the museum, extracted some detailed directions so off he went again. Still no signs but the directions and his intuitive bushcraft got him across fields, through a wood to the Ossuary which was of course closed. The additional time taken meant that he couldn’t get back in time for the river cruise.

Back at Penzion Sterk David, Judith and Annie set off for the river cruise which was most enjoyable. Cold beers for 1 euro (nice), and a terrific meal for anyone eating (Annie was still in pain after the frika incident so passed on the food, but the beers helped).

In their absence, somewhat hot and bothered Bob accepted the challenge to be the first guest at Penzion Sterk to use the pool this season. It was cool but not cold and very refreshing after a long day walking in the sun, so much so he went in for a second dip.

This is becoming repetitive but dinner was again outstanding.

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