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Arrival at Penzion Sterk, Most na Soci. "Ah! You must be the...

Nice way to settle in to our new home for the next...

Arranged for Darja to pick us up at 11 to transfer us to Bled Jezero station to start our journey to Most na Soci, Our 11 o’clock departure was a little later than the official departure time and the cleaner arrived about 10:15 but was quite understanding after David charmed her for a while.

The train was right on time and we had an interesting and scenic trip to Most na Soci. A couple had their dog on board who loved to run from side to side of the carriage and stick its head out the window, a bit like his master.

Our plans on arrival were to get a taxi to Penzion Sterk. Fortunately the local bus was there and Annie started chatting with the driver to learn that there are no taxis in Most na Soci, but the bus ran through the centre of town and could drop us off about 300 metres from the penzion. Plan B into operation. On arrival our host was most surprised to see us as he was expecting a call to come and pick us up. We were quickly seated and beers provided while our bags were taken to our rooms for us.

The setting for this hotel is amazing – just out of town on the other side of an old bridge it sits half way up a hill with a commanding view of the village and the Soca River. The river itself is a stunning milky blue colour most of the time but depending on the light can turn a jade green. We couldn’t stop looking at it, Annie & Judith were so taken with the location and view that they announced that they were not moving until it was time to leave all together. We enjoyed our first meal (a late lunch) and we knew we were in the right place, the food was fantastic.

Through the afternoon various strolls along the river bank were enjoyed biding our time for dinner. We discovered that the penzion was a family run operation. Mum did the cooking, the daughter had a 6 month old baby boy that kept her occupied, although she did help around the place, and her husband, the son-in-law, was front of house/waiter/entertainment and responsible for anything else that needed doing. A great personality who really made everything come together. Dinner was again an outstanding meal.

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