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Harbour at Doelan

Houses at Doelan

Public Toilet on the river Aven

River Aven

Boats on River Aven

Yachts outside the wall of the old city of Concarneau

Last day in this area and a more relaxed day starting with a short drive, then a walk down into a small fishing village - Doelan. It still functions as a fishing village but also seems to have many recreational fishermen whose boats are in the inlet.

Judging by the houses in the area either fishing is quite a lucrative job or there are wealthy retired people living in Doelan. Many of the large and relatively new houses had lovely gardens with the roses entire as we wandered.

On to Pont-Aven made famous because of the group of artists, one of whom was Paul Gauguin, who came here to paint. It is understandable that such a picturesque spot would attract artists andnona sunny day as we had today the boats on the river would have been ideal subjects. The small town has a multitude of galleries. I was sorry that we did not have time after our wandering to visit the museum which apparently has some work of the original group of artists.

Back to Concarneau and to the main town area. Our hotel,is a couple of kilometres outside the city centre on a bay, so the size of the actual city was a surprise as was the old town in a walled area. It wa fishingnwhich allowed the city to expand outside the old city walls. Sardines were a most important catch and canning of foods was developed here. Now the sardine catch has diminished and the tuna is worked off the African coast and frozen on the boats.

After a guided walk around the old city we had a relaxed boat trip around the harbour and our trusty driver Willy collected us to drive Bach rather than taking the walk along the coast as by then we were anxious to get back to the hotel and prepare to move on tomorrow when we head north.

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