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The best thing I can do is to be totally honest with you dear readers. I hope that I may help someone else by being up front about my battle with Prostate Cancer.

Today, not long after enjoying a tour of the cave and grilling some burgers and hot dogs for lunch, I received a call from the hospital. Instead of a nurse as was usual, I heard the voice of my doctor. He talked about how we have continued to monitor my PSA and to do yet another biopsy, even after the other three have all come back negative for cancer. He then informed me that this time, one of the samples was positive for cancer, with a Gleason scale indication of 8, which indicates the aggressive type of cancer.

I won’t say much more at this time but will follow with more information later as additional tests are done and treatment is considered.

Jennifer, our daughter who is a Registered Nurse was here when the doctor called, as were our grandchildren. In fact we are going to Colby’s baseball practice and then Lauren’s baseball game, leaving here in about 30 minutes. I have another tour to lead tomorrow, Lauren has another ballgame on Thursday, and then Marilyn & I will be celebrating our 55th anniversary on Friday so I am trying to decide where to take her.

I guess what I am getting at here is that we are continuing to live our life. Many thoughts are spinning around in my head at this time, but our busy schedule remains part of the life we love.

After all, as you are used to reading in my journal, Life is Good!

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