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Some very tempting bakeries

Royal Albert set, was £2. - cheap!

The Monsal Trail

One of the 5 tunnels on the trail

After the ride & a tad wetter

One of many high viaducts



Woke up this morning to a drizzly cold morning, back in the winter woollies..... The plan for today was to visit a town close by called Bakewell, where they have markets each Monday, and then hopefully do a bike ride on a rail trail nearby. So we headed out to Bakewell and, like most of the little towns round here, there is no parking in the streets because they are so tight, but found a town car park close to the town centre so we parked in there. It was almost full, even at 10.30! Seems like everyone else around here had the same idea.

The drizzly rain and cool weather didn't seem to bother anyone. It was Bank holiday today and it is the schools' mid term holiday week this week, we didn't realise, so it is quite busy, everyone coming out to the country. Markets are the same the world over it appears, some junk, some interesting brick a brac that nobody really wants, some cute stuff, some great fruit and veggies and plants.... this one was no different! After having a wander around the cute little streets and alley ways of shops we decided it was time for a cuppa, and found a quaint old 17th century (so called) tea house inside. It was upstairs and through two rooms, but was warm and cute. We ordered coffee, and waited. They had free wifi so thought we could catch up on emails etc, and all tried to get it connected, with no success. The waitress finally passed by so we asked he what the problem.... "oh, it might be broken, I will check.....". 15 minutes later, no reply so we gave up.

After 25 minutes another lady came in and while clearing another table asked, have you ordered? We told her yes, about 1/2 hr ago, so she said she will check. After another wait, and nothing happening (and realising that, our table number being 13) we were doomed and decided it was time to go, and just as we reached the stairs, the waitress came out of the kitchen with what she said was our order, but only one coffee was right, so she went back to check and fix the order, so we took our leave, we know when we are beaten!

Ricci's Italian cafe down the lane was much nicer, great coffee, in 10 minutes, and a lovely pizza that Julie and Mark shared and said was beautiful!

Fed and watered, and a few purchases later (including a new tweed cap for Lisle) we headed out to find the rail trail and bike hire ..... sounds easy? We saw a lot of the beautiful Peak District National Park trying to find it!

Finally, after checking with some locals we finally found the car park leading to the bike hire, but first a brisk 10 minute walk down a track to get to the bike hire, and finally on our bikes, we only had about a bit over 1.5 hours before they closed so it was a quick ride! It was a beautiful ride, albeit a bit damp & misty, we got about maybe 2/3 of the trail, then we headed back, the rain was getting a bit heavy and time was running out but it was still a great ride enjoyed by all. Julie took lots of photos next to sign posts to prove she actually did the ride!

Then back to our favourite little pub for another fantastic tea (best tomato soup I have had in ages!) to wind up our fantastic 3 days in the Peak District!

Tomorrow we leave for Liverpool , & check out Chester on the way.

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