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Kiev, the capital of Ukraine has lot more to offer in the form tourist attractions, due to its versatile cultural history. The city has got everything that may lure a traveller; so everyone can feast upon a site of his special interest by exploring this magnificent travel destination.

Religious buildings, churches, monasteries, historical museums, statues, lush green parks, gardens, overwhelming natural scenes on the bank of rivers and lakes, make Kiev stand distinguished in entire Europe.

Here are the worth watching sites that a tourist must visit in Kiev.

1. Denropark; Sofievka

European royal history is filled with traditions of kings giving their wives, wonderful presentations like lush green gardens and parks. Sofievka is one such present that manifests the love of Pototski with his wife Sofia.

Sofievka Park is just another version of Hyde Park, London. It offers a visitors so many activities; like taking leisure strolls, drinking tea at historical gazeboes while reading a book riding on horseback floating in underground river Acheron and seeing the statues of heroes. Sofievka is basically an all at one place package for tourists where they can see culture, history, nature and modernism, all together.

2. Churches and Monasteries of Chernihiv

Chernihiv, also known as the city of legends, is famous for its ancient monasteries and churches. Many historical and cultural events that took place during Kievan Rus era took place in Chernihiv which is located on the bank of river Desna. Those who have particular interest in history can explore this place to know about culture and lifestyle of Kievan Rus.

The worth seeing sight for instance is the Eletsky monastery; its bell tower allows a panoramic view of entire city. Apart from ancient churches and burial caves of 11th century the old curvy and hidden streets with wooden houses are great cultural expressions. A visitor who is obsessed with old religious buildings, history and lifestyle of medieval people must pay a visit to Chernihiv.

3. Famous Tunnel of Love

Famous tunnel of love can be regarded as the speciality of Kiev, a reason that people crave to visit this city. It is not like a man made or natural tunnel in mountains, or a passage in sea, tunnel is basically train track that passes through lush green trees that are interwoven together. All the sideways of this tunnel are made up of green leafy trees that provide a serene natural environment; A perfect place to sit in solace or take a leisure strolls.

An old train passes through tunnel, apart from this no artificial manifestation is observed here If someone wants to see the scenes depicted in fairy tales tuning into reality, then this is the right place.

4. Kyivan Rus Park

People from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus boast pride in telling that their ancestors belonged to famous Kievan Rus dynasty of Eastern Europe. How these ancient people lived their lives, what traditions their kings and queens followed, how Eastern Europe of that time looked like; all these things are manifested beautifully in Kyivan Rus theme park.

You may think that park may carry statues of the people. Yes, it carries epic sculptures of the heroes but there is much more than this. You can learn tricks of horse riding, shooting from old weapons and view the live theatrical performances expressing lifestyle of that period. This is not the all; have you ever thought of dealing with clay to bring out perfect art pieces? If yes, the Kyivan Rus Park allows you a chance to learn the art of pottery

The theme park, is a place where celebratory atmosphere is at peak Visitors know about Christian and pagan lifestyle of medieval Eastern Europe and celebrate the festivals of Slavs.

5. Alexandria

Here is your way to serenity, peace and nature in the form of a Denropark, Alexandria which is located in Alexandria. The place can be included in likes of Eifel Tower Paris, due to its romantic atmosphere. Park may not be much known to visitors but it is a must visit site,

Alexandria is in fact a gift from a husband to her wife. What makes it unique that lady who received this present put her efforts to design this park. She loved to travel a lot and hence collected the best man made scenic views from entire Europe and put them on this place.

Tree rows, meadows, passage of river Ros, lakes, bridges and gazeboes; make this park a perfect sight to spend time. If you are looking for an activity that makes you completely disconnected from all the worries, then do choose for boating in lakes, present in this grandeur park.

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