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Marilyn & I faced another day of seeing a Doctor but this time we could have our coffee as usual. We made a plan to see Jennifer and the grandkids after our appointment with Dr. Pontius.

We arrived early for the appointment and didn’t have to wait very long before we were called in. The Doctor went over our vitals with each of us and it seems that we are in quite good health. Now I just have to wait to hear about the results of the CTscan and the biopsy.

Most of you men who are near our age will understand the PSA subject. While the normal PSA is 0 to 4.0, mine is 34.2, even when taking a daily dose of medication designed to reduce the PSA number by 50%. That means that without the medication, my PSA would be 68.4. That is the reason we have been so concerned about the CTscan and the biopsy. The urologist told me that he has a plan for treatment if the results come back positive for cancer, and we discussed that for a bit. The doctor we saw today says we are in excellent health other than the possible bad report we could get next week. We’ll just have to wait to see what happens.

I have to say that we believe in the power of prayer and are confident in spite of the outlook at this time.

After we left the doctor’s office, we met Jennifer and the grandkids at the local library. I spoke to the lady who runs things there and she promised to purchase each of my first two books for the library. That is much appreciated for sure.

I took Jen and the grandkids out for lunch at the Mexican restaurant and then we all gathered at the Campground for the afternoon.

In the evening I joined the group of about 14 guides to give a talk about Jesse James.

Now we’re ready for a quiet evening at home. Maybe we can have our coffee outdoors tomorrow morning.

Life is Good!

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