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Day 7 Thu 25 May 17

The forecast for today is a high 31 degree C and shorts are the order of dress. I showered and walked to the car park to recover my camera and to check on the car. On the return trip, while waiting for Kaye to complete dressing, I stopped briefly for a coffee and croissant.

Our day in Toulouse is limited to discovering the attractions of the city centre area, but the first task was to find a Boulangerie for Kaye to have a sandwich and coffee. This task was more difficult than realised and we wandered the area around our hotel and a nearby market without much success. A lovely punnet of strawberries was the best we could find. The exercise was not a loss as we stopped to view the Basilique St-Sernin where mass was in progress. The churches organ was used throughout the service and was very impressive and caught our interest. We next wandered towards the river Garrone and at the Place Saint-Pierre we found our Boulangerie where we had coffee and a sandwich. We next wandered across the Pont St-Pierre to the area of St-Cyprien where we found a small but interesting local market. Our return journey to the obviously more affluent eastern side of the river took us over the Pont de Neuf; a bridge of greater prestige in days gone by. From the bridge, we could observe the length of the eastern enbakement which is constructed entirely of red brick; the works are extensive but appear to be suffering from long term neglect.

On crossing the bridge we stopped briefly to view the courtyard of the Hotel d' Assezat and it's attractive interior.

While crossing the bridge we had also observed the church, Eglise Notre-Dame De La Dalbade and worked our way through the streets to view. Unfortunately, it was after 12pm and the church was closed; although the organ was being played.

Our next significant discovery was the Marche des Cames (market), which was far more impressive than that at St - Cyprien. The cut of the customers strongly suggesting this is where people of wider choice shop.

Having walked this inspiring; for what we are going to do in Paris, market place and having been moved on from a restaurant only wanting to sell us food, we stopped at a nearby bar for a wine and beer. The break was essential and clearly showed that our strength was fading. As a consequence, we returned to our hotel via the restaurant region of the Place du Capital arriving for a rest at 1345hrs.

After a siesta, we departed the hotel at 1815 hrs to visit Basilique St-Serin again to capture a photo of the altar. By coincidence, another mass at the same point of proceedings was in progress (same singer of the alleluia's was most impressive) consequentially no photo was taken. The streets were really coming to life and it was very pleasant just strolling and looking at the old city layout.

At 1900hrs we found an appealing restaurant ( and there were many side by side and heavily patron aged) overlooking Place du Capitol. We ordered the 2plus formula without the English menu and were pleasant surprised with the results. A desert for both plus the wine were sufficient to make a memorable dining experience. After dinner we returned direct to the hotel and were in bed by 2100hrs ; it was still broad daylight.

The days temp was high and it was only when directly exposed to the sun that the effects were realised. The evening was warm and very comfortable for the tourist. Today marks our first week away!

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