Adventure before Dementia 4th year travel blog

Lunch stop, nice at the time! Lamb kaftas were gorgeous....

Not in the UK!

Wheat fields

Camp Bellevue

Campsite near Fes

Golden Oriole at campsite


Fes camp

Bbq comeraderie at Fes

Azrou camo site

Azrou wee character Camp Boss

Pancakes a la Maroc, Fab-u-lous....

En route

Abdul the camel, roadside seller making them for 90p

Friday 5th

Away south towards Fes, fairly long drive with coffee stop then lunch stop at huge garage with bbq cafe and gardens with peacocks. Fresh orange juice. Lamb Kafta from their bbq (which brought Barb and myself food poisoning next day). The road today is still narrow and winding but with frequent long straight stretches, sadly the bumpiest we've ever been on. When we arrived at Camp Belvue, Volubilous, our pillows were hanging onto the end of the bed, Roy's bookshelf was in the bed, as were the contents of my sewing box, and my jewellery box had slid from behind the bed head all the way to the door before unloading and distributing it's contents further than you would think possible.

Amazingly, no breakage or damage except minor things. Had a rest with a cuppie, then S&J appeared bearing wine, staying till bedtime so we just had a few nuts and raisins whilst chatting. The site is odd. Must've been lovely when new, but now overgrown with weeds. Lots of tall trees and gravelled pitches. Shepherd with small flock including 2 tiny lambs suddenly entered the site and Jade rushed out to ask if she could get a cuddle and he was more than happy to oblige her, with holding the lamb of course, not what you're thinking!

Sat 6th May

Off again, after mint tea was brought to us, on short trip down the new toll road, much better!! And so cheap...past wheat fields and vineyards to the outskirts of Fes. This is a lovely site, lots open space, clean and pretty, adjacent to huge outdoor swimming pool and fun area for children, with a river at the side. Lots of birds, saw some beautiful Golden Oriole which maintained a presence for both days we were there. Decided to have combined bbq tonite so set up for that and rested in the shade. It's getting hotter, high 30s now but we still have hook up so can have the air con going. Great evening had by all, good laughs, funny stories from Ray, very enjoyable.

Until 9pm then I was out of it until Tuesday. Barb had been poorly since the morning and didn't join us for the bbq.

Sunday 7th

Roy and the others went to Fes in a minibus, Barb stayed home but was ok, I never left the bed/bathroom. Fes was a mixture of good and bad, Roy said the market was gut wrenching, stomach turning awful smelly, but the leather factory, tanning area was really interesting and very professional. The streets were the narrowest he'd seen, he said Steve had to squeeze thru sideways in some of them! But none of the group wanted to stay longer than a few hours so they returned about 2pm. By this time, Steve and Roy had queasy tums, but weren't so severe as to stop them enjoying their evening tipples! I was still either sleeping or in the bathroom, feeling dreadful but knowing it wasn't another bout of campylobacter was a relief a there was no pain with it.

Monday 8th

Left at 10am for Azrou, slow start, Steve and Roy not brill, Barb better but not completely, me weak, wobbly, can't eat. Shopping then a good drive lovely scenery with the houses having apex rooves as in UK because of all the snow they get in winter. On to campsite - EuroCamping, supposedly best in Morocco, built by a Sheik. Poor wee dog belonging to the owner was crippled. Did washing. Everyone else went for dinner out but I was still not up to it so we had an early night.

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