Our back yard view at Blue Mountain RV Park

Natural Bridges NM

Not an arch but a natural bridge

Second of three main bridges

Panoramic view

Last shot

Hello there....


Thursday - May 25, 2017

A Travel Day:

Today we will be making a short haul of just 75 miles north to Blanding, UT


Travel Conditions - Road Conditions:

Weather was very nice and we enjoyed a nice tail wind.

The road conditions were also very nice. Traffic was very light.


We pulled into the Blue Mountain RV Park, located just south of Blanding at 12:30 P.M.

Check-in was slow but thorough. The owner took extra time to describe some scenic drives that I was interested in.

We also received a good description of services, etc. available in Blanding.

Our site is not one of the better ones. Apparently the grassy pull-through sites are kept available for overnighters.

We are on a back row with no one behind us. The back yard view is huge.


After getting set up on site, Nancy headed off to the laundry and I took on a repair job. My sewer and gray water tank plumbing has developed a leak. Leaks only when draining the tanks. I had to drop the belly pan and re-connect the main discharge pipe. I don't fit very easily under the Airstream but after some struggle I completed the repair and now just need to re-install the belly pan.


Friday - May 26

Woke up with a nasty cold. At this elevation and with a cold, breathing is an issue, especially when trying to do some physical work underneath the Airstream. I made good progress bolting the belly pan back into place until the last row of bolts.

More later........

Later: Ugh... Damn cold, sore muscles and just plain out of gas. I gave it up.

I walked across the Hwy to the local auto repair garage and plead my case to the owner. I needed some help.

I was informed to come back at 1:30 p.m. and he would have a couple of men ready to give me a hand.

Two physically fit and thin young men crawled underneath the Airstream and with the aid of a couple of jacks managed to bolt the belly pan back into place. We only had two bolts left over. I wasn't worried.

I gladly paid the labor bill and was a happy camper once again.


On Saturday we took a relaxing and scenic drive to the Natural Bridges NM. It was worth the drive but having been on scenic overload for so long I can only brag about having been there and done that.


Sunday - May 28th

My whole purpose in staying in Blanding, UT was to have a quiet, relaxing holiday weekend.

This morning I woke with a swollen upper lip. Ugly. I suspected that I had just bumped myself during the night and bruised my lip. Well, it just kept getting worse and spreading. By mid-afternoon Nancy convinced me that the situation needed medical attention and we proceeded to the hospital emergency room. Being a quiet Sunday, I was their only patient.

After taking some vitals and reviewing my prescription medications a smart young doctor informed me that he suspected that I was having an allergic reaction to one of my meds. I was given a Benadryl and got to watch the NASCAR race on the TV in one of the holding rooms. After several hours of observation and taking vitals I was released with the advise of seek further medical attention if the conditions persist and to quit taking the offending medication. Done.

The swelling gradually lessened even while I could feel the condition spreading deeper into my jaw, throat and neck.


The rest of our stay was uneventful. We did managed to eat out at a popular drive-in for a taste of local flavor but nothing notable.


Looking forward to our next stop in Montrose, CO.

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