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Most of the folks who RV full time, return to their familiar “home base” once or twice a year to take care of medical issues. We are no different than those folks. We return to familiar doctors and medical facilities twice each year.

Today I felt like a pin cushion as we drove out to the Hannibal Clinic to have blood drawn for a Doctor appointment we have tomorrow in Palmyra.

We were both required to fast until after the blood was taken and I had to continue my fast until after my scheduled CT scan was complete. That took a bit of time but was not difficult.

After the CT scan Marilyn & I drove to the Golden Corral where we enjoyed some tasty food, including fried chicken, fried catfish, crab salad, mashed potatoes, cream gravy, peas, corn, carrots, watermelon chunks, and vanilla ice cream covered with sliced peaches. We drove off feeling quite content and went back to the RV to rest up for about an hour.

Next on my list was a biopsy of the prostate. This is the fourth time for this procedure but it fails to become more pleasant. Eight samples taken from each side and I was released to go home. Results should be revealed next week.

Back at the RV I sat quietly in my recliner, feeling a bit sore and worn out. I think the stress plays a large part in that “worn out” part. Jennifer and the grandkids drove in to chat for a while and that always works to cheer me up.

No matter the outcome, I will document the journey for all of you as I have done in the past.

I have a relative who has begun his treatments for Cancer and I humbly ask you to continue to pray for him.

As for me, well I have no plans to change my conviction that Life is Good!

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