Adventure before Dementia 4th year travel blog

View from campsite

Resident donkey eating our step



Some of the dishes we tried

Weird but hospitable restaurant, only 7 of us on the tour.

The most aromatic shop ever!! Amazing and full of character

Upstairs another floor to this fantastic shop

Chefchaoeun at night

Wednesday 3rd

Left 9.30, roads bad but great scenery. Some weird and wonderful sites along the way...

Definitely no health and safety rules here...a man doing press-ups in the middle of a traffic island; a restaurant that had recently collapsed (as the ground under it gave way on the steep hillside) just left in a crumpled ruin; sheep on leads being walked in the road in both directions opposite to the traffic; a man sitting on the big breaking ball of a working crane, to name just a few.

Arr site at Chefchaoeun, 1 ish, ham salad lunch outside, briefing meeting at 2pm, then Dave took us up mountain in his car to see red kites and village houses. Poverty here is obvious, as is roadside selling of drugs.

Evening, Hammed cooked beef tagine, which was good, with fresh local oranges for dessert, mouth-wateringly gorgeous.

Thurs 4th

Breakfast of eggs, scrambled with bacon bits & veg, made by Hammed, then off at half ten with him to walk down to the town. It was a very hard walk, my knee was really sore, there were so many steep steps, we were all glad to get into the square to enjoy a cold drink in a cafe. Hammed explained on the way about way of living here; the animals are kept on the ground floor of the houses, the family have the first floor, if they are well off, they add a second floor. Vast majority are never finished in even the first floor. You can imagine the smell as we descended thru the narrow urban streets (often almost bumping into the odd sheep or two) into the shopping area. We had a wander around, but in the heat it was soon exhausting so we got taxis back up had a rest with air con on as we had electric hook up.

6.30 back into town by taxi, led by Ray through the jam packed streets into a sort of underground cafe, very low ceilings, no windows. We all sat round a big table and were given the following individual meals for each of us to try:-

Organic blackberry juice

Cheese cow - Exc

Cheese goat - Exc

Fatha bean soup - yuk!!

Meatball in tomato/egg sauce - Exc

Oxtail in grape sauce - Exc

Lamb tagine - Exc

Beef tagine - Exc

Chicken in yellow sauce - ok

Aubergine dish - Exc

Spicy veg dish - Exc

Onion? dish -Exc


Mixed beans - Exc

Squid, not tried

Fish + herbs - Exc

Camel roasted - ok

HOT dipping sauce - good

Olives - good

Bread - very dry

Mint tea with sugar - good

21 different items. Amazing.

Back thru the streets to stop at a shop that's indescribable so I'll just put photo in. Then to the square to get taxi back up to the Lady and bed.

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