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Ron on the Hanging Bridge in Lucy Park

Muddy Waters of the Wichita River

Sculptures at the Falls Crossing

World's Smallest Skyscraper

Another great night's sleep. I've not slept this well in, well I'm not certain in how long. I did hear the trains a couple of times in the night. It was a sweet memory from my childhood and staying at Granny's house in Thaxton, although I've got to be honest and say these tracks were way further away.

And another great breakfast.

Ron and I walked the full trail around the lake (2 miles, maybe 2.5?), then the four of us watched the final Hobbit movie. We took an intermission between discs and the three of us plus a supervisor mowed, edged and weed eated the lawn. I was delighted. Because I am "experienced" I got the riding mower. It was the same Craftsman model that I once used to mow the 5 acres of lawn on Old Trents Ferry Road. It's been 17 years since I mowed with anything other than a John Deere bushhog. I seriously enjoyed it. There is a great joy that comes with being able to do the things you thought you would never do again. And I hope Ron and I helped a little bit with the work load that Lori's been carrying since Sam's unexpected surgery two weeks ago.

The final Hobbit movie was my least favorite of the 3, but I loved that moose horse creature and apparently I am now prepared for the Lord of the Rings films.

Sam and Lori took us to the Rib Crib in Wichita Falls for dinner. Like all of the other food we have had here it was amazing, dry rubbed St. Louis style ribs with 3 sauces, regular, hot and N.C.

After dinner we walked a little more in Lucy Park in Wichita Falls. The river was running really muddy. I'm reminded of how often Carlos' mother dreamed of muddy waters and felt the dreams were a bad omen. There's a swinging bridge. Fifteen to twenty feet out on that and back = a week at sea.

Sam and Lori took us on a tour of Wichita Falls, two of the highlights for me were the "World's Smallest Skyscraper" and the sculptures at Wee-Chi-Tah. See the photos. Apparently the story re: The Newby-McMahon Building is that during the oil boom in this area the desperation for office space was so intense that the investors in the "World's Smallest Skyscraper" signed off on plans, not realizing that the plans were depicted in inches instead of feet. The building is hardly larger than an elevator shaft but apparently it was built according to contract and there was nothing the investors could do other than to move in and attempt to use the space.

The Wee-Chi-Tah falls sculpture depicts a Comanche family fording the falls. It took me way too long to get that Wee-Chi-Tah = Wichita.

Enjoy the Journey! "All who wander are not lost."

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