Bud and Susan's 2017 Trip to California and beyond travel blog

Today was going to one of the longest days of the drive to California. Our plan was To drive from Pensacola across Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana to Beaumont, Texas. The good thing is the road is pretty flat and none of the states are very wide! We were taking a route to avoid New Orleans, so the towns we had to go through were not too big. Also, I-10 along here was in really good condition and not too much construction. Lots of farm land and cattle operations. Also, lots of Casinos. Seems like every town or filling station seems to have a casino. The size increased as we got near Beloxi. I see why there are so many bus trips from The Villages to this area. Just seems like a really long ride to lose all your money. You can do that in Tampa! We had more rain today, sometimes pretty heavy. You can tell they have had a lot of rain in this area. Lots of standing water.As we approached Texas, you could see the land flatten out and cattle replaced farming as the main activity. Port Charles, La was a surprise. Much bigger than I thought and lots of industry centered around oil and gas operations. Lots of port activity. In spite of the rain we were able to make it to Texas. Our campground here is really nice and is located next to a huge baseball complex. Looks like Little League. There are some really nice units in this park. We are the smallest, I think.

The price of gas has remained low. Right around $2.00 a gal. Thought Texas would be cheap, but so far it has been around $2.19. Tomorrow we are going to Waco to see Magnolia Markets from Fixer up fame. It is only about 4 hours up to Waco and we will spend the night out at Lake Waco and then head to San Antonio.

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