Bud and Susan's 2017 Trip to California and beyond travel blog

Well the day finally arrived for us to take off on our summer trip to California and parts out west. We spent the good part of last week loading and trying not to forget something-- I have already found out that I forgot my mouse! Anyway we got up Monday and were on the road by 8:30 am. One of the best things about the route for this trip is that we do not have tp travel on US 301 for 2 and 1/2 hours. Just headed up 27/441 to the Markets of Marion and took the cut off to I-75 and headed north. I-75 is a much better road than I-95 and we just drive north on it until we reach I-10 and travel on it to California (well a few detours), but mostly we stay on it until we reach San Diego. The weather and traffic was not bad. We had a few rain showers, but I arranged it so Susan was driving during the rain. Traffic was not bad until we got to mile marker 38 near Pensacola. Ran into a terrible traffic jam that was the result of a really bad accident. According to Google, traffic had been tied up for over 3 hours! We only had to creep along for about 45 minutes. We got to our campground in Pensacola about 4:30 pm. Very nice campground with a lot of military. But very clean.

For all you Harley fans, he has done really well in the motorhome. Seems to like it and really enjoys all the new smells in the campgrounds. The ridding seems to wear him out as much as it does us.

Since Pensacola is on Central time, we could watch Dancing with the Stars at 7 PM and be in bed by 8:45pm. Knew we would not sleep, but boy was I wrong! All three of us slept like logs!

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