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Very short trees here. You don't need a .22 to harvest mistletoe.

Not a remarkable photo, but just a reminder of how many birds...

3 of these bridges on the walking trail around

Geese on Gordon Lake

We woke up Saturday morning to fresh coffee and perfectly prepared omelettes.

Ron and I took a walk to Gordon Lake in Oscar Park just a couple of blocks from Lori and Sam's house. The wind was brisk so we did not walk around the entire lake. It is a bird sanctuary area with mallards, Peking ducks (domestic), Canada geese (we saw three families, including one set of parents with 10 goslings), some kind of rook or grackles that inhabit the reeds on one of the the islands and two birds that looked like barn swallows but with 10' tails.

There's a photo of Ron reaching up into the mistletoe in one of the trees. It was so odd to be able to reach it, but then I looked around....the trees are all so very short!

Sam was amazed that I'd never seen any of the Lord of the Ring or Hobbit movies. To be honest I avoided the whole series largely because of Brian Coates', one of Jamie's youth pastors enthusiasm for them and his annoying apparent complete recall of the most bizarre character names and creature types. To be fair to Brian I was fairly immersed in Harry Potter at the time and thought his chosen favorite characters lacked depth and originality. Anyway Sam obviously felt it was his duty to enhance my education and after our walk on Sat. we began what to me would be described as a Hobbit marathon. We watched "The Hobbit The Unexpected Journey", followed later in the day by "The Hobbit the Death of Smaug". Of the two, I think I enjoyed the second one more largely because of the pretty elves. Oh and I totally loved those rabbits pulling the sled.

More awesome food with a strawberry, pecan salad for lunch made with pecans from the tree in their yard. You cannot buy any pecans this fresh, at least not anywhere I have shopped. And a great Mexican buffet for dinner. I've tried to think but I don't believe I've ever had Mexican as a buffet. That 15 pounds I've gained since Nov. 8th likely has company now.

It was cool enough that we were able to spend the twilight and early evening hours on the patio around the fire pit. Perfect day!

Enjoy the Journey! "You were born to the rolling hills and little rivers of the Shire, but home is now behind you. The world is ahead." Gandalf

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