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Kronborg, Hamlet's castle

Moat and swans

Helsingor is a lovely seaside town with ships and ferries coming into dock under the shadow of Kronborg castle... which earned a place in history and the hearts of tourists when Shakespeare choose it as the location for Hamlet (which was inspired by a play written for the Danish King years earlier).

The interesting thing about Kronborg, which I believe, probably earned its Unesco heritage designation, is that its defense walls are still largely intact. The walls form a star that reminds me of Baltimore Maryland’s' Fort McHenry outer defense wall since both are fronted by grassy hills and the harbor. Kronborg, however, has a drawbridge and a moat... with swans! The best part of the castle, surprisingly, wasn't necessarily the castle interior itself, but rather the dungeons and secret passages that run under the castle.

In a style truly unconcerned with the possibility of ridiculous lawsuits, the tunnels were barely lit, and left us carefully inching through a maze that eventually brought us out right behind the first defense wall of the castle. Definitely an experience... they say the soldiers lived there for a few months during a siege by the Swedes - 10 minutes was enough for me!

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