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On our way to a sea adventure.

About to enter the Green Cave.

We're IN!

Hole in the top of the Green Cave

Entrance/Exit at Green Cave.

Stiniva Beach.

The bar at Stiniva.

At Stiniva


C'mon in! The water's fine. (Really)

Departing Stiniva.

Inside Monk Seal Cave.

About to enter the Blue Cave. DUCK!!!

Now we are in the Blue Cave.

Very eerie!

Arriving Komiza for lunch.

Our "ride".

Inside the (formerly) secret submarine base.

Exiting the submarine base.

Brian's on the high road. That's Doug on the low road.

Vis inlet.

In the "high rollers" booth.

Leaving Palmizana Harbour.

Return to Hvar.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wake up, shower routine, check email outside, and then breakfast at the same patio on the main square. Our group met at 10 am and we walked over to our skipper and guide for the day. We are doing a boat tour today to several Central Dalmatian islands, like Vis. Our boat is a narrow, rigid inflatable speedboat with 2 rows of 5 seats. We sit on seats like saddles, as if we were riding a horse. There a handle bar in front of us. We will cover over 70 km today.

We are given some basic instructions and then it is out onto the open water. It is windy on the water and quite cool even though it is sunny and warm. Our ride to the first island is approximately half an hour. Our first stop is the Green Cave. We gently float into the cave and watch the green colour of the water. We are told that blue and green are the only colours that reflect the sun light in deep water. Was nice to see. The islands are mountanous and the edges are straight and drop precipitacely into the water. From there we went to the Monk Seal cave. In earlier times the monk seals lived in this cave - not anymore! It was a very dark short cave with an almost triangle opening. To be honest, we couldn't see much.

Then we continued on to Stivina Beach. The beach is formed by an opening in the coastline - probably it was at one time the opening to a cave but the cave had collapsed and so a secluded space had opened up. The beach consisted of large loose round stones. We jumped off the front of the boat onto the shore -not so easy for these two older people!! There was even a small bar and a washroom that had not been opened up yet for the season! It was a family-owned place that had been in the family for three generations. They opened it up especially for us! The weather was hot, so most of us decided it was time for a swim. The water was quite cold at first, but our bodies got used to it and enjoyed the swim.

After half an hour it was time to get back in the boat and take off for the Blue Cave on the island Bisevo. This was an organized process. We moored at a dock where we bought tickets; then we had to wait for a boat to take us to the cave. We were not allowed to use our own boat because it was too large.This cave was very interesting to get into. We had to duck our heads to get through the entrance and then our skipper turned off the motor, moved from the back where he was steering, to the bow and guided the boat by using a stick to push us along the walls of the dark cave. Then we saw the blue light reflected in the water. The sunlight comes from the outside of the cave wall and is reflected off the bottom where we can see it inside the cave. The way out was the same process; our skipper carefully moving the boat by pushing along the walls of the cave. He delivered us back at the dock where we took the opportunity to visit a bathroom and got into our own boat once again to visit the next island.

By then it was lunchtime and we motored to the other side of Vis island and stopped at Komiza - a fishing village - to enjoy a lunch in one of the harbour outdoor cafes. After lunch we walked around a little and then got back in our boat and drove around the island to the secret submarine base for the Yugoslav navy in the (recent) past. It was a cement cave built into the high rocky shore. From there, we spend half an hour at a nearby quiet beach relaxing and walking around a bit.

After the quiet beach, we sped to Palmizana harbour on the island of Sveti Klement. Some of us went for a short walk and then had a drink at a beach bar. We ended op sitting in an area that was designated for the "high rollers" and we were told that we needed to buy at least one bottle for 1000 Kuna ($200)! Our skipper vouched for us and we were allowed to sit there without spending that kind of money!

Then it was another ten minutes back to the Hvar harbour. By that time it was 6pm and some of us kept warm on the boat with a towel around us. It was a very nice day although a long one! The day ended with dinner as a group in town and going to bed! We had to do some packing for the next morning to catch the ferry to Split at 7:30 am.

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