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Today is the day that Peg, Lorraine and Barb got out of Dodge (Nafplio). I love our house in Nafplio. Once I got familiar with the city and could make my way to the grocery store and bus stop, knowing that I could find my way home and the 65 steps to our front door, the city is a delight to explore. But, there is so much to see in Greece. It’s a constant pull and I have to resolve that I will not see everything that I came for. We had read about monasteries built in the rock formations in central Greece so today caught a bus for Athens (2 hours) and from Athens to Metora (5.5 hrs) and are ensconced in the Arsenis Guest House. Lot of time on a bus, but I do say that the Greek bus system is superb. They are comfortable, clean and run on time. We have made connections without a lot of wait time. The scenery was beautiful. We skirted the east coast of Greece and the Aegean Sea. There were plains on either side of the highway for as far as you could see either prepared for planting or planted. Looked like a lot of wheat, swaying stalks in the breeze. As we got higher in altitude there were pine and fir trees lining the highways and olive orchards marching up the gentle slopes. Rain started, real Seattle rain, which made me inventory my overnight bag and discover that I had not brought rain gear. OOPs. We reached our guest house and the proprietor, Kostas, is a kick. We ate dinner in the dining room and afterwards he cornered the three of us and a German couple to expound on the history of his families Inn and farm. We were polite, and I really think that his 77 year old dad has taken a shine to Lorraine, but made our excuses as we have an early morning tomorrow and a tour of the mountain monasteries.


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