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Fancy Rest Stop on I-45

Today's the day we travel from Houston to Iowa Park just north of Wichita Falls, Tx to visit for a few days with Ron's sister Lori.

We were awake and moving an hour ahead of schedule and escaped without another encounter with the manic BnB owner.

Bless his heart, Chewey was visibly upset. The front door has glass panes and at one point he was just sitting there mournfully looking out the window. I needed to keep him confined while I moved the car out the gate and so I got his leash out. He got so excited that he was "going with" that I didn't have the heart to hook him to the fence while I moved the car. And so we took one last walk down to the dog park. He was by far not my favorite dog ever, but I will miss him. I hope I made his life better for a little while.

The drive from Houston to Dallas has basically two attractions, a 67' lighted roadside statue of Sam Houston and the Huntsville prison. The only other noteworthy attraction was a rest stop north of Huntsville. I'm somewhat of a connoisseur of facilities for the weary traveler at this point. This one was extraordinary. Hopefully, I'll be able to post additional photos later, there were silhouettes of buffalo, a creek running under the facility, lots of stone walls, a model of an oil derrick, even the hallways inside were designed to look like creek beds.

Driving through/around Ft. Worth was quite the challenge. I have never in my life seen such a huge road construction project....and I drove through and around Houston, Knoxville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond and D.C. for decades. Three gps opinions and 45 minutes later we got through the snarl of mislabeled roads, closed exits, detours and unexpected toll roads and were back on our way.

There were severe storm forecasts for the Wichita area and we were hoping to get to Lori's before the storms hit. It was amazing. These are pretty much the same types of storms that I've experienced in Houston....but on the drive up we could watch them sweep across the flat lands ahead of us, sometimes witnessing as many as 6 lightening strikes in just a few seconds. We only drove through one storm and arrived in Iowa Park unscathed.

Lori had prepared a crock pot dinner of roast beef, potatoes and carrots that meant we weren't too pressed to arrive at a certain time. Dinner was delicious. We watched the Rachael Maddow show, something I don't usually do as I usually just catch out takes posted on facebook. We went straight to bed after the show and I slept without waking until morning. I didn't even hear the trains they told us we'd hear a couple of times during the night.

Enjoy the Journey! "Storms may postpone your Journey but can never stop it."

Mileage today: 390 Mileage to date: 1424

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