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It rained all night with some thunder and lightning, but both of the grandkids slept very well. You may have noticed that I said nothing about us grown-ups. LOL

We heard the little ones talking and giggling around 6:00 AM. Can you hear me groaning yet?

Everyone was up and dressed by 7:00. We sat and watched the last of the Star Wars movie we started last night and then decided to take the grandkids out for breakfast and then out to their house where they have lots of room to play.

McDonalds was the choice for breakfast and I met several old friends sitting together having coffee. It was a pleasure to chat with them for a while.

We drove the truck and took the grandkids to their home where I immediately became involved in Basketball games outdoors, followed by baseball, Lacrosse, and then more baseball. Right after lunch, the kids wanted to go fishing so we grabbed the rods & reels, tackle box, and some chopped up hotdogs for bait, and rode through the wet, muddy field to the pond where we bushwhacked through the brush, mud, and trees to the bank of the pond. We spent more time recovering the hooks from the tree branches where they were caught than we did fishing, and finally gave up and went home.

More baseball outdoors and some pool shooting indoors entertained us until Steve & Jennifer arrived. It was around 6:00 PM when Marilyn & I headed back to our little condo on wheels.

Marilyn fixed some dinner and we settled down to watch the Cardinals ballgame. I am tired and a bit sore from all the activity, but I remain convinced that Life is Good!

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