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View from San Miniato

San Miniato facade

San Miniato crypt

Inside San Miniato

View from San Miniato

View from San Miniato

Sarah and Nader

It is absolutely incredible how fast the school week goes by here. I can't believe that it is already Friday. So, here's a recap: in art history, we got to go see the San Miniato church, which was very beautiful, and had an incredible view of the city from it's vantage point at the top of a hill across the Arno River. Also, it as these great old windows that were made of alabaster, because was too expensive in the 13th century, when it was built. The efect of sun through alabaster is incredible; unfortunately, it is impossible to capture effectively on my camera. In art, we have been doing charcoal, which I actually really enjoy- it is not nearly as tedious a medium as pencil. In Italian Life and Culture, we actually had to leave the classroom for half an hour, find an Italian person, and interview them about their family life (in Italian). It was SO strange.

Other than that, we made no plans for this weekend, but Marie is going to Chianti for an art seminar and Sarah is going to Naples with some of the other girls in the program. So last night, the boys invited Anna and I to come to Switzerland with them for the weekend. We have no train tickets, no hotel reservations, and no concrete plans, but we leave in two hours. That's how I like to do things, though- always as spur of the moment as possible!

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