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Anne settling in for a 15 hour flight

Burj Khalifa

View from the top of the Burj

Atlantis Hotel on Palm Jumeirah

Burj Al Arab

Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Grand Mosque

Inside the Grand Mosque

Spices in supermarket

Other cars dune bashing

Sunset in the dunes

Hi All,

So we have had 4 nights in Dubai. We were not sure what to expect apart from the weather and it did not dissapoint. It was hot, very hot for us and very bright when outside, walking around was not an option. Our primary source of transport was the hop on, hop off bus that seemed to take us everywhere we wanted to go with the exception of 2 souks that we wanted to see but planning to do that in a Friday was a mistook. Holy Day so closed, bugger.

For a city to grow to these heights in 40 years is amazing, the buildings are just over the top, it must be a haven for architects. Of course the Burg Kaliffa is the standout and of course we went to the near the top on the 124th floor, Incredible views and engineering.

We also did a day trip out to Abu Darbi about 160 kms away which was an interesting day and we learnt a lot about the country from a very informative guide. There we visited the Grand Mosque the largest in the world, amazing. We also stopped at Ferrari World where the fastest roller coaster is 285 kph it has been measured at, we saw to running....fast.

One silly thing tourist can do in Dubai is to go "sand dune bashing". We had heard about it and made enquiriies but we were assured it was OK. Wong. We should have known when the Toyota Landcruiser arrived fitted with an internal roll cage. We should have known when the driver drove like a lunatic in Dubai city. We were just not ready for the result. We dune bashed, we went up dunes fast,we went down dunes fast, we went across dunes fast we slid, we slipped, we skidded, all the things hoons get their cars confiscated for at home. We suspect our driver was on the worse side of the worst of them as other cars did not go so silly. There would have been at least 200 to 300 cars out. Well he ended up "humped" stuck on the crest of a dune and it took 2 cars to pull us out with us still inside and, he rolled a tyre off the rim. But Marco was envious he would have loved to drive but at our pace. After that we were taken to a desert safari area for dinner and a show, it was only just a show but the meal was reasonable so the whole afternoon was a hell of an experience for us never to be repeated.

So Dubai is very interesting, are we glad we went back, yes, would we go back no but apart from the dune bashing we had a great time.

We seem to be having a few issues with the journal, sorry but it looks like it's a mix of iPad and very slow wifi, guess we will just have to soldier on....

And so off to the next part fo the trip.

Kind regards and love

Mum and Dad

UM and AA

GM and GD

Anne and Marco

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