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We were up and ready early. We had brought breakfast up yesterday and put it in the fridge for today, so we were able to eat in our room and not be rushed. Once we had everything packed we followed the instructions and went to the Golden Restaurant, encountering crowds on the way. We sat for a short time then one of the staff came and took us to the gangway and we were on our way. We collected our luggage and a porter and went through immigration, which was cursory. I suppose they do not expect terrorists to arrive by cruise ship!

We told the porter we were planning on taking a shuttle to the hotel and he took us to a bus that where the dispatcher told us to get off at the first stop and call the hotel. Once on board, the driver told us to get off at the second stop and call the hotel. This proved to be the correct information and we arrived at the airport, claimed our luggage, went up to the departures level and called the hotel. We waited a while then the shuttle came and took us to the hotel. Our room was not ready, so we left our luggage and took another shuttle to a shopping centre where we looked around and had a good lunch at a bakery.

We called the hotel and the shuttle soon appeared and took us back to the hotel where we checked in. We did a little unpacking and Christine read and I sorted out our banking and am now updating the journal. We bought some things while we were out and we had that for a light dinner and did not do too much this evening..

Today was the memorial service for my cousin in Edmonton. She died last month and she and her husband have been so good to us since we arrived in Canada over 40 years ago. We have been so sorry we are unable to attend, and the service and her memory have been very much on our minds today.

We have no photos today, so there is a selection of photos of the towel sculptures that we find on our bed each night.

Tomorrow we plan to take the hop on hop off bus to see a little round the city

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