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We experienced a wonderful day today. It wasn’t because the weather was perfect although it was. It wasn’t because it was Mother’s Day but it was. It wasn’t because we are retired, or living the RV life, or any of those sort of reasons, but they are all true.

Jennifer, Steve, and the Grandkids were driving in to meet us at Church for Mass. They all looked really nice and it was so good to exchange hugs with the ones we love.

We had not seen Father Mike for quite some time and he was the Priest today. Everything was going great!

After Mass, the grandkids rode with Marilyn & I back to the Campground, where we all changed clothes and then busied ourselves setting up for a cookout. Jennifer & Steve went off to the store where they picked up some boneless pork ribs and some steaks for the grill. Jennifer also brought coleslaw while Marilyn fixed baked beans.

I played catch with Colby until Steve & Jennifer arrived. I then prepared the meat with garlic and a bit of salt & pepper, started the grill, and shared a cold drink with my son-in-law while the grill heated up.

Steve carried a nice picnic table over for us and we were soon ready to eat. It was a fine meal enjoyed by all of us.

After eating the grands wanted to play games so there was “Giant Jinga”, “Sorry”, some card/domino game, and a demonstration of gymnastics by Lauren.

As a matter of fact, Lauren and Colby entertained us all afternoon and we enjoyed them so much.

Steve & Jennifer were fun to be with all day and it was simply a perfect day. We felt so blessed and ended our day tired but happy.

There is no doubt about it dear friends, Life is Good!

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