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I’m happy to report that both of us slept great last night. We were hesitant to climb out of bed this morning because we had left the windows open last night plus had the fan running in the bedroom, and to top that off, the temperature fell to a crisp 50 degrees during the night.

Neither of us wanted to be the one to get out of bed first, to close the windows, turn the fireplace on, and turn the fan off. It’s nice to be retired so that we can stay in bed as long as we want to, and harass one another until finally one has to get up first.

This morning, Marilyn made a deal. She would get up and do the above mentioned chores if I would then allow her to stay in bed while I got up to fix a pot of coffee. Deal!

By the time the coffee was finished, the sun was shining brightly and it had warmed considerably, so we took our coffee outdoors. Even the sweatshirts we were wearing were too warm by that time so we went inside to change clothes and take care of normal things.

Marilyn fixed some fried potatoes mixed with scrambled eggs and some really good salsa from the RGV. We took our breakfast outdoors to enjoy on this awesome day.

It was after 10:30 by the time we decided to get on with the day, so we headed off to Walmart to pick up supplies, and stopped by the Camp Store on the way, to say hello to several of our young friends who were working today.

We spent some time putting things away after we returned to the RV and then sat together outdoors watching a Mommy Robin catching worms and bugs to feed a baby which appeared to have fallen from a nest. The baby could hop around a bit but the blades of grass were higher than it was so he had a tough time.

Marilyn remained outdoors to read while I found comfort in my recliner, where I read until I could no longer hold my eyes open.

It’s a tough life I know but someone has to do it.

Life is Good!

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