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I was again at the devotions this morning. When I returned to the room Christine was taking advantage of the first morning that she was free to sleep in. She arose ad got ready and we went down for breakfast. When we returned to our room, I did most of my packing then went to the disembarkation lecture while Christine packed.

I returned and Christine finished her packing while I checked our emails. That is about all the WiFi is good for here, despite claims of speed. We went up and had lunch and went straight to the last session we had together as a group, except for dinner tonight.

Les and Bob spoke and we had a game of "Name that Hymn". I won a pen for one of the more obscure ones that are never sung in North America as it contains the line, "On England's green and pleasant land".

The regional ministers and NAB staff presented Les & Bob with bags of gift of items representing the area from which each had come. We then had a version of the Newlyweds Game, followed by thoughts from a few people as to what the week had meant to them.

We chatted to a few people then came up and I caught up with some news - a slow process - and Christine read till it was time to get showered and ready for dinner. While she was showering, I went out and took some photos around the ship, then came back and showered.

This was our last dinner together and we lingered over it. None of the staff chased us out, which was odd, as the next sitting was due in. We eventually took our goodbyes to everyone and came up and completed the packing of our large suitcases and put them out for collection. I did a few things on the computer and Christine read till it was time to go to bed. We are both up early tomorrow as we have to be down for disembarking at 8:00 am.

We return to the same hotel that we stayed in last week, so it is familiar. We have not arranged for a car, so hope to depend on the hotel's shuttle bus service which seemed quite good.

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