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Approaching Cozumel

Christine with Cozumel Sign

Restaurant at Pier head

Sign at Pierhead

Fountain at Pier head

Sign at Chocolate Factory

Cacoa Plant

Inside chocolate planet

Cacoa pods and chocolate making equipment

CHocolate making demonstration

Chocolate Samples

Craft Market

Tequila Tasting

Art Exhibit in Museum

ARt Exhibit in Museum

Sand picture in Museum

Model of Mayan Pyramid outside Mexico City

Model of Pseao Reforma in Mexico City

Model of National Palace in Mexico City

Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico Citty

Getting Ready - Mexican Acrobats

Mexican Acrobats

Mexican Acrobats

Mexican Acrobats

Main Square

City Hall

Iain in a side street in Cozumel

Monument cmmemorating the Mayans meeting the Spaniards

Downtown Cozumel

As usual, I was up early and at the devotional. It was shorter than usual and I went back to the room and we went up for breakfast. We went back and got our things together for the day and went off the ship. Our guide was waiting for us. Two quite elderly ladies were advised to head off closer to the bus, so we went with them. We sat for a while before the guide came with the rest of the group. Once on the bus, we headed down a long straight road to a chocolate factory where we saw a number of things, including a demonstration of how chocolate was made and an explanation of how the various ingredients in a chocolate bar came about. We saw a demonstration of how "real" Chocolate was made and got a taste of it. We then were let loose in a gift store with all kinds and flavours of chocolate. On the excuse that I needed change, we bought one bar of lime and coconut chocolate.

We then went a short distance inland to a plaza with many stalls selling all sorts of Mexican crafts and goods and a tequila tasting room. We were able to sample some, and I do not think we will be buying any in the foreseeable future.

From there we went back towards the ship and entered a museum complex where we saw a short video of things Mexican and displays of all types of Mexican crafts and artefacts. Outside we saw replicas of Mayan temples that have been excavated. These replicas show then as they rare thought to have looked in their original state. I spent some time going round these while Christine watched a display of Mayan acrobatics on ropes. We then looked at some more modern building replicas, mainly from Mexico City. It was interesting to see many that we had visited 42 years ago. We had also visited two of the temples near Mexico City that were previously mentioned.

From there we went downtown where our guide directed us to a diamond sore with the promise of a free gift. When we discovered that to get the "free" gift you needed to buy an item that cost at least $129 we left and went exploring on our own round the large square where fountains were playing. This is the same type of fountain that we had seen in Faro, Portugal, but could never catch actually working.

We walked round the square and back to the bus where we waited on two latecomers for a good 15 minutes past the appointed time.

We drove further to an air base and back to a monument to the Mayan and Spanish people first meeting.

From there we headed back to the ship. While it was interesting, the tour certainly did not rank high on our list and paled by comparison to the one we enjoyed yesterday.

Christine went up to the room and I headed to the Lido buffet. Christine had taken some snacks and eaten them to counteract her diabetes, I had not eaten, so I had lunch. While I was eating, one of my fellow board members passed and suggested I join him and his wife who were eating outside, so we sat and talked then were joined by another board member and his wife and our talk continued.

I eventually left and returned to the room armed with a latte for Christine. I worked on the photos and eventually got Tuesday's finished. The Internet being so slow and unreliable, I have abandoned any thought of doing any more updating till we get to Miami.

We got ready for dinner and headed out. As we waited for the elevator we met a couple in our group from Vancouver that we had seen, but rally did not know. We got talking and ended up sitting together. We had a good time getting to know each other.

The entertainment is very poor and we have only been to the one show. I guess they keep the cost of their cruises low by relying on the passengers to provide the entertainment, so after dinner we returned to our room and sorted out all the paper that has accumulated over the past week the Christine read and I finished the photos and wrote the journal, but, as I said, will not update it till Saturday.

Tomorrow is a sea day and in the afternoon we have a get-together with our group and I guess we will need to pack.

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